Ujung Kulon National Park attractions on Peucang Island
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The unique and delightful island of Peucang lies in clear blue waters off the north western coastline of Ujung Kulon Peninsula. Itswhite sand beaches and coral reff shores hold a fascinating world of marine life while Peucang’s impressive forest shelters an abundance of wildlife, some of which graze and play around the lodges. Opposite Peucang Island across a 800 meters cannel is the Ujng Kulon Peninsula with a wide variety of attractions.
Peucang Island’s beach is superb for swimming and shallow snorkeling reefs are also found all along the shore, for deeper snorkeling there are coral reefs to the east, midway between the island and mainland. Scuba diving areas are also found to the west and at several other locations off Peucang Island.

Karang Copong Walk
This pleasant walk north on peucang Island passes through towering forest to a rock archway beyond which are the reef pools of Karang Copong. The trail leads to the top of a bluff overlooking the reef from where spectacular tropical sunset can be seen. From this point an alternative trail return to the lodges.
Citerjun Teracces Trip
Located to the north esast on the mainland peninsula is calcified terraces and stalactites created by the waters the citerjun. These are remnants of the once spectacular formations recorded by early mariners that were destroyed by Krakatau tidal waves of 1883.
Cidaon Grazing Ground Trips
situated on Peninsula opposite Pucang Island, this large grassland with an observation tower is grazing ground for banteng, pigs, monkey, peafowl and on very rate occasions Java Rinoceros. Early morning or evening are the best times to visit.
Ciujung River Trip
Just to the east of Cidaon the waters of the Ciujungkulon form a canoe able route through overhanging nypa a swampland.
Cibunar Walk
From Cidaon the trail south through magnificent rain forest, crosses a low saddle, join the river Cibunar the continues to clearing and rock ramps on the south coast. just western ward are the cibunar river mouth and the park guard post. Monkey, bantemg, pigs and the track of rhino are often seen on this trail and it provides a excellent profile of the park’s vegetation.
Tanjung Layar
there are two ways of reaching Tanjung Layar. From those choosing the shorter walk. the boat travels 3 km west to Peninsula shore a Cibom. At Cibom are remains of a proposed naval port that was begun in 1808 and than abandoned because of hardships and political un heavily, and nearby shelter contains information about they region. The trail followers the coastline west passing the currecnt lighthouse. from this tower are spectacular views of the rugged headlands’ and island below( permission must be obtained from lighthouse staff to enter the property and to clip the lighthouse tower. The route continues to the ruins of early building from where a stairway climbs 40 m bluff to Tanjung Layar Historical Site where two previous lighthouses and staff quarters were constructed in 1800’s.
Tanjung Layar (Via Cidaon)
The longer walk to Tanjung Layar involves a short boat ride to Cidaon river opposite Peucang Island. The trail follows the shores westward through coastal rain forest to Cibom and continues along the coast to the historical site.
Walk and Trip
Alter taking a boat to Cibom the direct route to Ciramea travel thought the forest to a shelters at the south and follow the shore through rocky inletts and coastal forest to the northern end af ciramea bEech. Either of these routes can be used for a return trip.
Ujung Kulon 2 Days 1 Night Tour
By Fastboat
Start: Jakarta            End: Jakarta

Price from USD 250  per person

2 days boat, cruise, trek,  wildlife watching, canoe and snorkel around Ujung Kulon National Park.
Take a high-powered speed boat cruise Sunda Strait. Wild life watching, trekking through main forest for the last habitat Rhinoceros Javanicus Sundaicus on Ujung Kulon National Park.

You will ride a high-powered speedboat to The World Heritage Site of Ujung Kulon National Park.

Day 1: Jakarta transfer to  Carita Beach-Peucang Island (Ujung Kulon)
We will  pick you up at Jakarta airport or Jakarta city. Meeting service,  then transfer  to West Banten Coast  . Upon arrival at Carita Beach get onboard. It is time to cruise to Peucang Island. Before we get to Peucang Island (The unique and delightful Peucang island lies in clear blue water off the north western coastline of the National park. It is white sandy beaches, calm, quite and coral reef shore hold a fascinating world marine life while Peucang is impressive forest shelter an abundance of wild life). We’ll stop off at Badul Island to do snorkeling or swimming. After lunch we head off Peucang  Island. Check in at Lodge. An overnight stay. Free program. (L,D)
Day 02: Explore Peucang Island sail back to  Carita Beach then transfer to Jakarta
After you’ve had breakfast , we are ready to explore Peucang Island  trekking to the Karang Copong ( North of Peucang island ) passes through primary forest. Also you can see kind of huge trees like Ficus or Liana.  sometimes we could see common wildlife animals such as; wild pig peacock, hornbill and others. As well as you’ll see huge plants like Ficus or Liana. After an hour trekking,  we’ll take a rest  at Karang Copong. Back to the lodge. It is time to have lunch. Check out and tidy the stuff, we then get onboard. We are about ready to go back to Carita beach.  Late afternoon, arrive at Carita Beach. Back to Jakarta. (B,L) your next destination

what is included
  • Transportation service: Jakarta - Carita Beach (round trip)
  • Hire of private fastboat
  • Accommodation: Ujung Kulon lodge 1 night
  • Entry fee to Ujung Kulon
  • Meals (B,L,D) + mineral water + fruits
  • Guide

  • Please book min 1 week before departure
  • Booking confirmation subject to the availability of accommodation & boat
  • Itinerary subject to change due to unforeseen condition.
  • Bring trekking/sport shoes, repellent, towel, swimming wear,sun block, hat and camera
  • All tour durations is flexible according to your schedule and budget. we can arrange airport transfer and hotel