You can make a booking simply by letting us know - through email, telephone or other means - that you want to book a space on a tour. Normally, we need from you (& all accompanying participants) at least the following information:
- your full names as written in your passport (in some cases: passport number & exp date)
- your (billing) address and telephone number
- your birthday/age
- your sex
- your occupation/job
- your nationallity
We will then reconfirm your booking, reserve temporary spaces and send you an invoice as well as other documents if applicable. To finish your booking you will need to send us a (normally 30%) deposit as specified in the invoice. If we do not receive the deposit from you in time your booking is automatically cancelled.

At the moment, we accept the following forms of payment:
- Bank wire (preferred); using IBAN / BIC (SWIFT) codes provides a fast and reliable way to transfer money,
   and   within the EU countries, it is free of charge and fast. If you choose this option, we offer 2% discount.
- Cash on location: in some cases we can accept payments in cash, but this must be approved by us
- Direct money transfers (e.g. Western Union)
- We do Not accept Paypal

I am interested in this tour
If you cannot team up your holidays with the time window required for a certain tour, you can inquire about a custom date that fits your schedule for most tours. If this is possible (it is in most cases), you can either opt to have the tour organized for you as a private tour, or  if it is long enough in advance, we can let you know your custom tour date in our online schedule in order to try to find additional participants.
The price for custom tours will mainly depend on the number of participants.

If the minimum number of participants is not reached
Sometimes we don't find enough participants to be able to run a tour and technically, we could cancel the trip. In most cases, we are able to still run the tour but must charge a supplement which depends on the actual number of participants. If the number of participants increases afterwards, the per-person-price is readjusted in your favor.
When the number of participants is below the critical level, we will inform you about 2-3 months in advance of the trip and consult you with your options, which can include the additional supplement or simply waiting for more participants.