Raung volcano erupted

PVMBG reported that, during times of clear weather during 1-28 June, white plumes were observed rising as high as 300 m above Raung's crater rim. Rumbling was frequently heard at the observation post. Seismic tremor sharply increased on 21 June, and crater incandescence was observed on 25 and 28 June. BNPB reported that increased activity on 28 June was characterized by Strombolian activity, roaring, ash plumes that rose 300 m, and a loud thumping sound heard 20 km away at 2000. Incandescence from the crater was clearly visible from the observation post in Banyuwangi. PVMBG raised the Alert Level to 3 (on a scale of 1-4) on 29 June, and reminded the public not to approach the crater within a 3-km radius.