Krakatoa full day tour

One of the most powerful volcanic explosions in the history of the world occured at Krakatoa in the last century. Krakatoa was formerly a volcanic island located between Java and Sumatra. It was located near a region where the Indo-Australian plate subducts under the Eurasian plate.
In May, 1883, a series of eruptions commenced which continued until August 27, 1883, when a cataclismic explosion blew the island apart. The large explosion was due to super-hot steam, created when the walls of the volcano ruptered and let ocean water into the magma chamber. The island exploded with the force of 100 megatons (the Hiroshima bomb was about 20 kilotons). The explosion was heard as far away as Madagascar (2,200 miles). Tsunamis from the explosion were raised to 131 ft, and destroyed 163 villages along the coast of Java and Sumatra. Ash from the explosion rose 50 miles in altitude (higher than altitudes where airplanes fly), and it affected the weather for the next year. Ash can have a cooling effect on weather because it remains in the sky and reduces the amount of sunlight reaching the surface.

The Itinerary

Program A

Jakarta - Carita Beach (Marina Lippo) - Krakatau

We’ll pick you  up at Jakarta Airport or in Jakarta City. We’ll meet you there  with our representative and then for the three - hour drive  to West Banten Coast (Carita Beach) or you can drive by your own car. After the three-hour drive you’ll take a rest for a while. And we then  get onboard ready to cruise (it  takes  about 1.5 hours) Sunda Strait to “one of the world’s greatest and the most catastrophic eruptions on earth, the effects were recorded far beyond Sunda strait and it achieved instant and lasting infamy”. On the way to Krakatoa  we sometimes could see  group of dolphins (if you’re lucky). When  we arrive there the boat will surround  Anak Krakatoa where you’ll see one of live volcano in the world, it grows up around 50 cm/year. Landing on the East side of Anak Krakatoa (Child of Krakatoa ), we then hike up to the first level of Anak Krakatoa’s peak where we’ll  see molten of rocks which thrown from caldera. Afterwards, it is a short cruise to Legon Cabe beach at Rakata island (part of the origin volcano remains). It is time to explore  underwater of Krakatoa to see variety of fishes and corals reef. We’ll have lunch on the  beach. Around the beach we’ll search the monitor lizard which can be seen sometimes. Late afternoon back to Carita Beach. (L)