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Handeuleum Island
Situated among a group of small islands just off the north eastern coast of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula, the Handeuleum island area offers river experiences with a variety of forest, wildlife and wetland in peace full location away from the main tourist routes.


This short forest walk across the island, the home of monkeys and deer, has views of Peninsula coastline and adjacent island.

Cigenter Grazing Ground
There several ways of reaching the grazing grounds and the most direct is by boats to a jetty near the Cigenter river mouth although alternatives routes through the forrest can be more interesting. The grazing ground’s wildlife include banteng, pigs, deer, peafowl and tunneling birds .

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Cigenter River Trip
Canoe trips up the Cigenter River are somewhat influenced by tides and trees across the river and if conditions are right the canoes can travel deep into the forest. The cigenter’s waters meander thought dense overhanging rain forest, the habitat of pythons and hornbills where crocodiles and rhinos may also de seen on rare occasions. The charm of this river lies in its tranquile, primeval beauty.

Cihandeuleum Walk
Beyond the grazing grounds are dry season routes through the forest in the region between the Cigenter and Cikembeumbeum rivers. The attractions include a massive fig tree, popular with wild life, which extend over a wide area. Animal treks in the stream beds and wetlands of this region record wildlife activity and rhino and leopard tracks are often seen.

Cikabeumbeum and Cihandeuleum Rivers trip
South east of Handeuleum Island are three enchanting river outlets and their lower reaches can be explored by boat an high tide. From these forest of the sea come strange cloning sounds created by crabs and beyond are the silent inner waters.