Fuego volcano (Guatemala)

Monday, Apr 21, 2014
Fuego volcano (Guatemala): strong explosions, increase of activity
Activity at the volcano continues to be elevated and increased yesterday, prompting INSIVUMEH to issue a special bulletin yesterday, in which the agency warns that a possible new paroxysm could occur in the near future.
The volcano observatory reported moderate to strong explosions with plumes up to 1 km height and drifting 12 km, causing ash falls ash on the villages Panimaché, Morelia, Santa Sofia and others. This activity was also accompanied by increased tremor. As of today, it has decreased again, but remains high, and the occurrence of another paroxysm is still a potential scenario.
In this case, strong explosions and associated ash plum rising significantly more than 1-2 km above the summit, lava flows and potentially pyroclastic flows on the southern slopes could be expected.

Source: www.volcanodiscovery.com