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Krakatau or Krakatoa
On 27 August 1883, Earth made the loudest noise in recorded history. Emanating from the island of Krakatoa, which sits between the islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia, the sound could be heard clearly almost 5,000 kilometres (3,100 miles) away and by people across 50 different geological locations around the world.
According to Aatish Bhatia at Nautilus, about 3,200 kilometres (1,988 miles) away from Krakatoa, residents of New Guinea and Western Australia reported hearing "a series of loud reports, resembling those of artillery in a north-westerly direction". And over 4,800 kilometres (2,983 miles) away on the island of Rodrigues in the Indian Ocean, locals reported hearing what sounded to them like the distant roar of heavy gun fire. The sound was caused by a record-breaking volcanic eruption that sent smoke up almost 80 kilometres (50 miles) into the air as ash fell into the ocean some 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) away. Burning hot debris was shot from the mouth of Krakatoa's volcano at speeds of up to 2,575 kilometres per hour (1,600 mph), which is more than double the speed of sound. The event has been called the greatest natural disaster of the 19th century, because with such an incredible release of pressure also came severe consequences for the surrounding area.
Shock waves from the eruption travelled around the world several times, and created a tsunami over 45 metres tall (148 feet) and weighing 600 tonnes, which ended up hitting the shores of Java and Sumatra and absolutely decimating their coastal regions. Far away in South African waters, ships were being rocked by another set of tsunamis. And you wouldn't have wanted to be on the water less than 100 kilometres (62 miles) from Krakatoa at the time, as Bhatia explains at Nautilus: The British ship Norham Castle was 40 miles [64 kilometres] from Krakatoa at the time of the explosion. The ship's captain wrote in his log, "So violent are the explosions that the ear-drums of over half my crew have been shattered. My last thoughts are with my dear wife. I am convinced that the Day of Judgement has come." According to The Independent,The Independent, the force of the blast was 10,000 times that of a hydrogen bomb, and Bhatia reports that the sound was registered at around 172 decibels over 160 kilometres away (100 miles).
That's bonkers, seeing as the human threshold for pain is 130 decibels, and the sound of a jet engine when you're standing right next to it is 150 decibels. 
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3 days hiking up, trekking and snorkeling around Krakatau and Exploring Carita Beach surrounding.
You will trek through conservation forest by visiting Curug Putri Carita Fall "little grand canyon" and take a high-powered speedboat to get Anak Krakatau

Perfect for
Adventurers who like hiking up or trekking and  seeing  one of the world’s most infamous volcanoes

Price from $ 150 P.P
Include: Transfer service,  Accommodation, Speedboat,  Meals as describe, Permit and Guide
Exclude: Travel insurance, Optional Tour, Alcohol drink and other personal expense  

What to expect
Day 01: Jakarta – transfer to Carita Beach
We will pick you up at The airport or Hotel in Jakarta. Transfer to Carita Beach. Check in at Hotel. Free program. 
Day 02: Carita Beach – cruise to Krakatau (B,L)
After you had breakfast we will pick you up at your hotel. Get onboard cruise to get Krakatau approx 1,5 hrs. Upon arrival we will stop to see the volcano and take some photos from the boat. The boat will ashore off on Anak Krakatau Beach. Hike up the child of krakatau. Sight-seeing and breathtaking view island surrounding. Snorkeling nearby Rakata Island. Late afternoon, sail back to Carita Beach. Stay overnight. Free Program.
Day 03: Exploring Carita Beach conservation forest - transfer to Jakarta (B)
After you've had breakfast we will trek to Curug Putri Carita Fall "little grand canyon Banten" through conservation forest. Check out then transfer to Jakarta.

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what is included
  • Transportation service: Jakarta - Carita Beach (round trip)
  • Hire of a high-powered speedboat
  • Accommodation: Cindewulung bed & resto or similiar hotel
  • Entry fee to Krakatau
  • Tent
  • Meals (B,L,D),  mineral water
  • Guide                                                                                       

  • Bring with you: Trekking or sport shoes, Light clothes, Swimming wear, Towel, Torch, Repellent, Sunblock, Hat and Camera Itinerary 
  • Subject to change due to unforeseen condition Booking confirmation subject to the availability of accommodation & boat
  • All tour is reasonable according to your schedule and budget

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