About Me

I Was born and grew up at Carita Beach Banten Indonesia. I live not far away from  one of the legend volcano which is located in Sunda Strait that was Krakatau. I have been guiding since 1992 in this area.
My aim is simple:  responsible in sustainable ecotourism for next generation, save the nature. To give the people, that have been traveling with me, the feeling of wanting to come back, on another tour . In order to do so, I offer you professional, personalized first-class service to provide you the best possible volcano and wildlife experience:

Visiting active volcanoes and wildlife can be physically demanding; getting to some of the most interesting locations can involve strenuous exertion and some physical discomfort. However, the unforgettable experience of visiting these wonderful sites is well worth the effort. The physical demands vary from tour to tour, but our programs are flexible enough to allow modifications to accommodate not only the group's interests and physical capabilities, but also weather changes, volcanic activity, and other external factors

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